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Why i’ve been away so long…


That’s the realisation that i finally came up with. You see, i was obsessed with making plans and being organised for way too long now, that it consumed me. A couple months ago i thought i had everything and its just so funny (well not really, but sometimes we have to laugh at things to move on from things) that things have become full circle two months on. But it’s not like i didn’t try new things, (believe me new things was all i was up for two months ago), it’s just i’ve come to realise the things that i’ve been chasing my whole life, i don’t want to continue.

You see i’m talking about a touchy subject here, i’m talking about my career.

Now that i’ve worked for something i assumed i would like, well it just wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, not all aspects i dislike, only some. I won’t name them for obvious reasons, but i’m glad i did give it a try otherwise i never would have known this.  The fact that i was writing really intellectual pieces for my job, made me forget about writing for the sake of writing to please myself. I stopped enjoying writing and that was the sad thing. The really frustrating thing is that it’s so difficult to get a job in your career, never mind something you actually enjoy.

So, i’ve come full circle and i’m going back to basics here. As cliche as it sounds, only time will tell. But earlier today, i was just stressing about everything and then i realised that everything takes time and if you’re not happy about something, well slowly take that step in that direction to making it right, to making yourself happy. And whatever it is find that and you’ll get there no matter what.

So, thats what i’m doing. I’m slowly making my way to better things again, and i’m slowly rediscovering my passion in writing along the way.


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