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What does a beauty writer’s evening beauty routine look like?

I’ve had a couple of requests over the past few weeks if i can write a blog post about my evening beauty routine and what it entails. It’s not easy figuring out a beauty routine which suits your skin type. Everyone’s technique is going to vary depending on their skin type and some might like to include other products than what I use on my skin. But for me, instead of a cleansing type of beauty ritual, my routine is more so based on focusing on having that “me” time. I like to include lot’s of relaxing products and comfortable sleepwear to help me get into my “zen” mode. Its very important at the end of each day to be able to relax, but I understand that it can be difficult as well at times, when the days are jam-packed with things to do and time always ticking by so fast.

I think one of the hardest parts of forming a good beauty routine is to keep that habit up. In order to find a routine that  works with me, I had to do some researching into products and also self-conducting tests to work out exactly how much I should be concentrating on my beauty prep before bed. Like I mentioned earlier it does vary from person-to-person.

Here is a run down of what my beauty routine before bed looks like:


Resurrection hand balm

Hand creme-Invest in a good quality hand creme. Something natural, paraben-free, deeply moisturising, and something which has soothing ingredients. I use Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm ($31.00).

Makeup wipes-I know a lot of people don’t like using makeup wipes to remove makeup, because of some of the harsh chemicals in cheap drug store brands. Others believe that the makeup wipe is only spreading the bacteria on the face. I honestly believe the more you save up and invest in good quality skincare, the more your skin will glow and benefit from it. There are eco-friendly and paraben-free makeup wipes out there. A lot of them actually do come with added vitamins and soothing ingredients such as tea-tree and aloe-vera. The more you are willing to research and invest, the more your skin will appear in a nice healthy condition.

Cleanse-Cleansing your face after you have removed your makeup is a good habit to fall into. Benefits include the removal of oil, dirt and debris build up on the skin. I always cleanse my face  after I remove my makeup. Cleansing also helps to remove any bit of makeup that is still on my skin. I love the feeling of my skin being nice and soft after I cleanse.

Face mask-Once a week, I will put a face mask on. The benefits of placing a facemark is endless. Some benefits include: removal of excess oils on the skin, and help with keeping pores under control. I use the “No Dirt On Me-Natural Silk Facial Mask” brand and it doesn’t have any hidden nasty ingredients in the face mask. It’s what you want out of a face mask, also something which is healthy and which nourishes the skin.

Sleep-Over the past few weeks, I’ve tested what the exact amount of hours of sleep I need in order to feel refreshed and up-and-going in the morning. I set an alarm for less than six hours and it ruined me. So less than six hours was a “no go.” Then I tried getting a good night’s sleep by sleeping 7-8 hours. I found out that I need at least between 7-8 hours of sleep everyday in order to function properly. Investing also in a quality mattress will definitely make your nights sleep more sweet. The Leesa mattress (see below) is designed with a universal adaptive feel to provide the cooling  and core support to help individuals sleep better. Check out Leesa to learn more about their luxury mattress



Leesa mattress

According to The Sleep Foundation (2017) website, individuals spend up to one-third of their lives asleep and most people don’t get enough sleep. Never the less, sleep also plays a vital role in our beauty sleep. This was something my mother drilled in me from when I was younger. “Make sure  you go to bed early to    have wonderful skin, otherwise if you don’t, wrinkles will start slowly appearing!”

Silk pillowcase-invest in a silk pillowcase-100% Pure Silk Pillowcases-have benefits such as the silk being hypoallergenic and keeping your skin cool and hair healthy while you have your beauty sleep.

Lavender mist spray-we are fortunate to be living in a world where we have access to a lot of amazing products. I use a
lavender mist spray on my face to make me feel calm and rested before bed. I’ve always had a fascination with lavender and the soothing effect one squirt of the spray releases, is truly a bit of heaven! But you don’t need to spray the mist on your face/body, you can also spray a bit  on your pillow too!

Fluffy robes-Are my favourite! They are just so warm and soft, I would definitely recommend investing in one for winter, because without it I have have turned into a frozen ice cube by now!

Ugg boots-What more can I say? everyone should invest in a pair of Ugg boots for winter. The Peter Alexander Ugg Boots (which I have), are made from real suede, has a comfortable EVA sole, and are warm and toasty, nicely coloured, and are made from 100% Sheepskin lining.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Snuggly PA pj’s

Flannel PJ’s & thick winter bed socks-Lastly, I absolutely love, investing in a few pairs of thick winter socks. There are some really cute designs and patterns on winter socks from Myer and David Jones and there are even knee-high options. With Flannel PJ’s, in winter the aim is to stay as warm as you possibly can, I don’t know what I would do without flannel PJ’s.

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