What to do when things don’t go as planned?

I’m at the point of my life where i’m trying so hard to focus on trying to achieve my dream job. Today I got up early, organised for my sister to come along with me for a road trip adventure in my car. And by road trip adventure, I mean driving to a place that’s sort of nearby, but still roughly an hour away. Everything was going perfect, my sister said yes to coming along with me and I was excited to meet the people who I was organised to meet up with in order to write an assigned piece. I was also looking forward to meeting them and introducing myself. But what happens when you arrive twenty minutes early, you find a parking bay nearby and get out of the car, to walk up to the place and ask to speak to the person in charge, only for him to tell you he doesn’t know what I mean by saying ‘I’m supposed to be writing a piece on so and so today.’ With tears in my eyes, I ask if he can call the associated place they are partnered with. There response was, ‘Why should we?’ Taken a back by what he said to me, I looked to my sister who knew that I had to get out of there otherwise I would crumble. I left the place in a hurry, with my sister trailing fast behind me. ‘Hang on, i’ll just get in touch with who i’m supposed to be meeting with and see as to why they are not here as well.’ Only after I do this, I have this gut-wrenching feeling that i’m not in the place i’m supposed to be. I check my email and read next to my name, the date, yes, the time, oh but the place was SOMEHOW NOT THE PLACE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AT!!! ‘What!’ at this point i’m speaking out loud to anyone who can hear me. How did I check my email three times, only to see that on it was written something else and the place below (which I thought I was going to) had actually someone else’s name! Once I found this out, I knew I had made a commitment and I was going to find a way one way or another to do this within the day I was assigned. My eyesight might be poor, but I should have actually printed out the sheet or even rung up the person to see if they are expecting me at that place, at that time! Lesson learned but, I had already been wearing weight on my shoulders, as I didn’t want to be seen as someone who was not prepared. I was always prepared that was the thing, so not being prepared had made me flustered and greatly stressed. I finally got myself together and with the help of my sister, drove us to the actual assigned place. I’m so thankful that the people who I met were such lovely people and were understanding of my situation, saying that what happened to me, happens to everyone at some stage. They forwarded me the contact details of the person in charge of the place and she was my fairy god mother of the day! With her help, understanding and her generosity I was able to reschedule for that same day and complete my work! I learned a couple of lessons today and they are: for important emails-print out notices, rather than just leave them on the laptop, call ahead of appointments, make sure you have everything with you, don’t stress greatly there is always another try, we are all human, and finally be kind, appreciative, honest and respectful and these things will get you far in life.

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***Please note Image of Sally Peanuts character is from Google Images


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