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‘The Hop Factory’ Review-Newcastle, NSW Address: 102 Darby Street, Cooks Hill 2300


The Hop Factory, is a pub I briefly went to in my travels in Newcastle, in regards of celebration for one of my friends who finished his University degree. It is a locally owned family business and has exquisite alcoholic drinks and food. One of my friends drank a fantastic cocktail that was on the specials menu and it had banana and mango in it. Originally I thought the combination wouldn’t go together, but as soon as I tried it I knew I was wrong. The combination was delicious, having said that I was more than satisfied with the Pale Ale I originally had started with. There is a function area upstairs, suitable for parties and The Hop Factory even has its own food menu with different varieties of food. Seeing as I arrived after we ate dinner, I only tried the hot chips, but I found no fault in them. I also tried a few sips of the Hunter Beer Co. craft beer and I would recommend this one, as well as the others. The Hop Factory is situated on busy Darby Street. There are lots of places where you can get a good drink and a more than a decent meal on Darby Street, but there’s something about the Hop that made me write this review, and when I think about it, it’s because of the lovely group of people I was with that night that made it great, that made me remember the night so strongly. But its also because of the view that Darby Street provides, the chilled-out atmosphere of The Hop, the celebration of a night out with family or friends, oh and of course lets not forget the drinks! Cheers!

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