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Three Monkeys Cafe:131 Darby Street, Cooks Hill, NSW

Excellent service, drinks and food from the Three Monkeys Cafe. The cafe is situated on Darby Street, where there are lots of nice restaurants and cafes. We sat upstairs, because it was so busy downstairs, but never the less there was a balcony which had a great view. The milkshakes are expensive, but they are very filling and a must try! There are so many unique flavours, which you wouldn’t even think would go together, but they do. I tried the Snickers milkshake, which consisted of peanut butter, caramel and chocolate. It was very rich tasting, but delicious! For lunch I ate what was called a Short Monkey. This consisted of eggs anyway you like them, bacon and sourdough bread. I also shared a bowl of thick wedges. Everything was so fresh and cooked well. There were free Allen’s Minties on the way out, and everything about my experience there made me feel happy. I would recommend this place to others for a good bite and drink.

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