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Blue Door Cafe Review:
363-365 Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW

I didn’t really plan to fall in love with Newcastle, but it happened by the end of our travel there. Newcastle is expanding through their sport, stores and scenic landscapes. Not only this, but their restaurants and cafes are increasing. Newcastle has done great for a quiet, country-like harbour city. We visited several cafes, but one of my favourite would have to be The Blue Door cafe. I ate the smashed avocado toast, and it was delicious. The chefs had placed a bit of sea salt on the chopping board, which the toast was on and also lemon to give the avocado that bit of zing! The chopping board also had The Blue Door’s signature trademark and I thought that was pretty cute. The staff were friendly, and I especially liked how their was a little blue door at the front of the cafe which read ‘Welcome to The Blue Door Cafe.’ We sat outside while we were eating and it was lovely, sunny weather. Their was plenty of people outside eating all sorts of delicious and well-presented food. A couple of metres away from where we were sitting there was a skate board area and it was exciting watching people skate and do skating flips. They were also recording some of the flips, so we had it all: entertainment, good food, being on a busy beautiful street, all the while enjoying what Newcastle had in store for us with their delicious food options.

Instagram: @bluedoornewcastle

***Image is sourced from The Blue Door website


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