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My experience in Vung Tau, Vietnam

2016-01-14 03.30.50

view from the big mountain

Vung Tau is in Southern Vietnam. It used to be a french colonial town where people would go to get away from busy Saigon or even just for a holiday to visit the extraordinary landscapes and beaches. Oil is big in Vung Tau and petrol prices are consistently rising with inflating prices. When my partner and I went we noticed that there were a lot of expats, and especially at the pubs we went to. I was unfamiliar with the culture and life-style there.

2016-01-16 01.59.36

a memorial of a young girl who betrayed her country during the War

My partners father is retired over there, and he told me that it was “normal” to witness an older man dating a younger women. This still made me feel uncomfortable because many of the girls I spoke to, wanted to learn english, or just have a simple conversation without being interrupted by some sexist remark or an older men just assuming that if they are single that they would want to date them. Even after I spoke to my partner’s father, I couldn’t grasp the concept of why the men weren’t interested in older woman. That aside, Vung Tau wasn’t what I thought it would be. It’s a really quiet place, and it’s perfect for older people and retired individuals. There isn’t really that much to do for younger people, aside from visiting the beach or go for a drive on a motorbike and stop at a cafe to have a beverage. Even though my overall experience of Vung Tau wasn’t that great, there were parts that I did enjoy.

2016-01-13 03.56.31

view from outside our apartment

I liked sight-seeing. We drove up to the small and big mountain. We visited the statue of giant jesus on top of small mountain and we visited the lighthouse, which was built by the French. This was also onto of small mountain and they were close-by to each other. Another thing I was interested in, included learning about the history of the War. My partner’s father is close friends with a person who served during the war and he was nice enough to give us a tour around some of the locations from the American and Vietnam War. Specifically we visited places where the Vietnam soldiers would hide out.

2016-01-14 03.08.01

statue of jesus

2016-01-14 03.07.34

the lighthouse


Shopping will always stay with me forever, it’s in my DNA, so of course wherever I travel I like to bring back souvenirs and clothes. Lotte Mart is great for shopping, as it practically has everything from clothes-food. I also went to the market for shopping. Watch out for the Vietnam price (which is cheaper) and the Western tourist price, which the staff would try to sell to you, because they can tell when someone is a tourist or not.



traditional Vietnam soup-Pho

Matilda’s Pub- We would often go to Matilda’s and watch the footy and have a beer at the pub. The food was great and the staff were very friendly. The place was clean and I would recommend this place for individuals.

OMG Restaurant-It is a quiet place which serves mainly Italian food. The food is alright, but the store was a bit unclean.

Blue Corner Restaurant and Cafe-This place I would definitely recommend! My partner’s father’s friend is the new owner and he has got a great selection of staff and cooks. The food is amazing! They range from Western Food-Vietnam traditional food. The staff are friendly and helpful. They advised me where I could go shopping and one girl after she finished her shift actually took me to the market. Not only this, but since she could speak fluent Vietnamese (and bits of broken english), she helped me lower the price at the store. I wouldn’t normally go anywhere with a person I don’t particularly know, but the people in Vung Tau are really nice and generous. It really is a different culture and experience over there.

If you like a quiet places and like living by the beach, Vung Tau is a must stop for you!


5 thoughts on “My experience in Vung Tau, Vietnam

  1. Nice post, dear. I dont know anything about old men and younger women but totally agree with you that Vung Tau is not fit much to young active people. It is small beach town for leisure travelers who love the beach, sun bathing and coastline atmosphere.Yummy food, too.


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