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Siem Reap: Naga Anchor-Hotel Review

Naga Anchor Hotel was actually the first hotel my partner and I stayed in when we arrived in Cambodia, in Siem Reap. The staff were so friendly and polite, always asking us if we needed anything or just a simple, ‘how was your day?’
The food was exceptional. All the food was prepared excellent and they also have a range of western to traditional Cambodian cuisine as well. I unfortunately got bitten alive by the mosquitos in our room, and even though we changed twice, they were still there! but that was the only issue we had with the place. All the rooms had a bathroom, air-conditioning and were clean.

The alcoholic drinks were very cheap and up to a high standard. My partner knew the barman, from when he came there his last holiday. The barman’s name is Borey and is very lovely and helpful. He actually was nice enough to take time off from his job to show us around busy Siem Reap and boy was it busy! Motor-scooters were everywhere flying past us. Borey showed us, where we were guaranteed a nice drink-which was at Siem Reaps party strip, he also showed us where the markets are and even some of the country side. This included going on a one hour drive up to Phnom Kulen National Park, to see the massive waterfall and swimming area. Individuals who are travelling in Siem Reap, should definitely check this out, because there are restaurants and markets where this waterfall is located as well.

2016-01-01 00.00.00-22

Photo taken by me, at Phnom Kulen National Park

But back to Naga Hotel, at the end of our stay, I didn’t want to leave. We had made friends with all the staff and we made some memorable friends who chose to stay at Naga as well, and whose friendship we will cherish.

***Please note the featured image of the inside of Naga-bar and hotel, was sourced from Google images


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