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Kaleidoscopes and Life Lessons

Recently on a cold, bitter, lazy night, I was flicking through the television channels and, one by one as I clicked the button to the next channel, it so happened to land on a cartoon show. I don’t know the name of it, but what I did notice was one of the main characters was looking through a kaleidoscope. This immediately led me to ponder about my own experiences with kaleidoscopes.

Kaleidoscopes have always fascinated me since I was a child. I think it was something about their mesmerising mixture of colours and patterns which allowed me to lose myself in. I remember looking through kaleidoscopes and wondering how was it, that coloured pieces of glass made numerous reflections repeatedly, with all different shapes and sizes of transparent materials? The ever-changing pattern made me imagine the world being stuck like this, similar to a ‘Coroline’ film world, but no button eyed people. In my imagination, my deep brown almond shaped eyes would become little discs of colour radiating light similar to jewelled sequins on an art work. They would rotate around and around, revealing all sorts of styles, shapes and patterns. As I moved my kaleidoscope eyes I would see the world, the truth, and the reality of the planet from all different angles.

Looking back now on experiences from when I was a child, imagined or not, but based on this one, you could say that it in a way was foreshadowing for how I would look at life in the future. Now having grown into an adult, I’ve realised that no matter what situation we’re in, we have to look at factors from all angles. We have to be patience and stay true to who we are. There’s no point in getting angry about something and letting others or other things get to you. This in turn will leave the body feeling tired, restless and stressed. Maturity and positivity are the secret ingredients, and even though I’ve had to learn that the hard way a couple of times in my life, I’ll stick by it. Most people who have grown into adults have never worked this out, but it’s a really big skill to have and it’s up their with patience and honesty as well. When I bump into people like this, being customers at work or wherever my life will lead me to cross paths with unfortunate people like this, I’ll think about what made people like this? I used to have this attitude about me, that I could help people with no patience and people who don’t want to listen or are jealous of you for being yourself, but it was thanks to a special someone who told me they don’t deserve to become good, wise individuals. The best thing is to let them carry on roaming the earth as these individuals, because after all its enough misery on themselves already isn’t it? The best thing for yourself is to focus on blooming into the individual you want to be, but I guess you don’t need a kaleidoscope for me to tell you that one?

Kaleidoscopes are something more than what they appear to be, so the next time you pick up a kaleidoscope think about what you can see.

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