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Food Review of Chanrey Tree-Khmer Cuisine in Siem Reap

This is a stylish and luxurious restaurant, with staff who welcome you by holding the door open and by greeting you in a friendly manner. The food is reasonable priced for Cambodia, and speaking of the food, everything that we ordered was prepared and presented very well. It was all traditional Khmer food and it was delicious! There was a range of meat, vegetarian and vegan options. My partner and I ate, rice and vegetables and we also had the tradition Khmer soup, which is so yummy with the lemongrass, herbs and spices. The restaurant was very clean and there was a lot of people there. We arrived at lunch time and even though it was busy, we were guaranteed a spot. The outside of the restaurant was what also got my attention. Beautiful trees and plants surrounded the entry of the restaurant and were radiating different shades of green. There were stone footpaths cut out into squares on the grass outside on the long pathway leading up to the entrance. There was also a traditional Khmer religious temple, to keep the “bad” spirits out of bay. It was all beautiful. I could also see, just by standing outside, that the restaurant was very spacious, and I like being in spacious rooms, rather than a close confined place. I would advise anyone who is travelling in Siem Reap, to go and visit this restaurant when they have a chance! 5 out of 5 stars from me!

Image sourced from: Trip Advisor


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