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Kampot + Karma Traders Review-Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot city is a must stop for all travellers visiting Cambodia. Kampot sits on the east side of the Kampong Bay River, and has a quite different atmosphere than the other neighbouring towns in Cambodia. There are dilapidated houses, quiet lanes and Kampot has a relaxing feel to its town. I would describe it as being stuck in a time warp, where both Khmer people and Westerners are chilled and it adds to the “no stress, no worries” attitude of Cambodia. While being both urban and rural, Kampot is a quick town to develop. Travellers can visit the famous pepper farm, Kep-which is a neighbouring place worth a visit for sunny sky, beaches and its famous seafood and travellers can also visit the surrounding countryside of Kampot.


Image: Kampot map from Sihanoukville 2017 visitors guide

My boyfriend and I stayed at the newly-built Karma Traders. The place had air-conditioning, was very clean, the food was delicious and the bar had a spectacular view overlooking Kampot. It was lovely to be able to sit down and watch either the sun rise and/or set. There was vegan and vegetarian choices for meals, as well as meat and there were house-made alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The staff were very friendly and caring. Unlike the other hostels we stayed at, Karma Traders had kittens and dogs, in order to make their hostel have a homey feel to it. I really liked this aspect a lot, because both my partner and I missed our ten month old pup heaps back home.


Image: Karma Traders

Every night there was live music being played and it had a soul/Jazz feel to it. It was beautiful and unique. This hostel was also central to both the “old” market, supplying vegetables and fresh fruit and the “new” market, which sat along side the bay and had cheap, but good quality clothing.


Image: View from the rooftop bar

Karma Traders and Kampot should be a destination stop for everyone.

***All images are my own


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