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Koh Ta Kiev Island Adventures

When I heard I would be living on an Island for 2-3 days, my mind was racing along the thoughts of, ‘how will I ever survive without civilisation? plus being so far away from land?’

I had never been on a speed boat before as well. From Otres Beach in Sihanoukville, a boat came and picked us up and took us to the beautiful Island of Koh Ta Kiev.

2016-01-08 05.48.02

Image: Speed boat

It was about a 30 minute drive and the boat unfortunately dropped us off on the wrong side of the Island, so in sweltering heat we had to carry all our luggage to the place we were staying at. We stayed at treehouse Ten 103 and this was the most relaxing, adventure we had taken part on yet. The staff were all westerners and very friendly and easy-going. The cooks were Khmer people, who had a passion for baking. They produced some of the best meals of eaten in my life. No joke, it was really yummy. They were mediterranean inspired meals, but with fresh local Cambodian ingredients. It was clear that the chefs had plenty of experience cooking. They ranged from breakfast items of Eggs Benedict, to soups and snack items, including a delicious platter of cheese and fruit. Speaking of fruit, the fruit on the Island was fresh and exotic. We ate dragonfruit and rockmelon in variety of colours and all the fruit was so bright and delicious.

2016-01-09 23.03.48

Image: view from the bar

The accommodations are quite civilized, while others have dorm rooms on the beach, or they can have the choice of sleeping in hammocks, or tents. We stayed in a teepee hut that was newly built and had a mosquito net around the bed to keep us safe from all the mosquitos and bugs.

2016-01-08 05.45.51

Image: Island life

There were several other islands close by to us and most much smaller than Koh Ta Kiev Island. Each Island was filled with sparkling water and yellow-white grainy sand. Of course it was expected that there was no public water on Koh Ta Kiev, there was no electricity, and no sewers or garbage collection. The Khmer people early in the morning each day would wake up and collect rubbish. They looked after the Island so much, that a speck of garbage could not be seen. That was such a beautiful thing, because I could see how hard they were trying to keep the Island in all its glorious form, safe from how the other parts of Cambodia were like. Where we were staying, it was far from the toilet. The toilet however was old-fashioned like. There was a huge bucket filled with water, in which we had to put water into the toilet bowl to flush our business.

2016-01-08 05.49.06

Image: tee-pees and bungalows

I really enjoyed how chilled the environment was and even though I’m not much of a fan for heat, I enjoyed going into the very clean water and cooling down whenever I felt like it. We went exploring in the wild jungle and there were signs to navigate if we were on the right path. The staff also had to cut down or burn a few of the dangerous trees in order for people to get through either to their tee pee huts or walking through the forest. This was done prior to us arriving. There was another bar being set up when we were there, so it was obvious the amount of attention and time put into building all these facilities for the tourists. 

2016-01-08 05.47.01

Image: Spectacular view of the water when the sun was setting

The staff had to use walkie-talkies to inform others of anything they needed. There was no internet connection, but I think that’s one of the beautiful things about going somewhere far away, and its in order to be free from all that. In turn precious time is spent with loved ones and it was a chance for us to socialise with people all over the world, who had booked there holiday on this remote Island with us.

By the end of our Island adventure it was safe to say that I had turned into Island girl and it made me appreciate everything I had back home and everything I knew I could find through having the experience of travelling. I would recommend this place for anyone to come and visit.

*** All images are my own 🙂


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